4 options for lip augmentation and Botox injections

Lip enhancement is a thing that is desired by a lot of people. If you are not satisfied with the shape and fullness of your lips, then there are cosmetic procedures out there that can fix your problem. So if you are wondering what your options are to improve the appearance of your lips, here are four options for improving the look of your lips.

  1. Lip lifts

Due to aging, the skin around your lips can sag can cause your lips to appear droopier. Getting a lip lift can a way that you can make the skin around your lip appear tighter, and thus sag less. This lip augmentation procedure involves skilfully cutting a small piece of skin around your upper lips, and stretching the rest of the skin to fit that area. This makes the inside part of your lip turn up more, thus giving you also a fuller and redder lip appearance.

  1. Botox injections

This is the only non-surgical Botox injections option on this list. There are no knives involved at all, and you will not have to cut anything out. This procedure simply involves botox chemicals that are injected into your face. This will give a better overall shape to your face, and also make them appear fuller as well. And since it does not involve any surgery at all, you will also feel the least amount of discomfort and bruise, when you opt to get botox injections instead. The healing time is also pretty rapid, and you can resume normal activities right after getting the lip filler injections. See more at: https://melbourneantiwrinkleinjections.com.au

  1. Lip fat grafting

This procedure involves taking part from one part of your body and surgically transferring them into your lips. This is a popular method for lip enhancement because it involves no chemicals at all. However, the results of lip fat grafting can be unpredictable, and you may not get a good of a look with your lips as you want. And as you age, fat around your lips will also accumulate, so this could make your lip appear overly plump due to aging.

  1. Implants for your lips

Implants can also be placed into your lips. These implants are usually medical grade plastics such as silicone. The problem with lip implants is that they can be too full causing you to appear to have overly large lips. There are also a lot of discomforts that are associated with implants because the plastic can exert force upon your lips.

These are just some of the options that you have for lip augmentation. If you want a way to enhance your lips without undergoing any surgical procedure at all, you may just want to get lip filler injections. The sharpest medical instrument that you will have to face with a lip injection is the syringe. All of the other lip augmentation options involves going under the knife. So your best option may just to be injected by chemical lip fillers instead. You will not have to undergo surgery to get plump and round lips.

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