Glider Flights Will Give You a Great Adventure

Glider Flights Will Give You a Great Adventure

Glider flights take your flying fantasies to a whole new level of the most calming adventure you will ever take part in. Here are some reasons why you will have a great adventure.

  1. You can learn how to fly while on a scenic tour. You can not only be a passenger, you have the option to get to pilot one too. A gliding course is as enjoyable as they are informative, interesting facts and skills dawn on you as you take pleasure in appreciating geography from a whole new angle.
  2. You can call the shots to your adventure and take it up a notch by experiencing some aerobatics. If you have had your dose of serenity while you soar, you can pick up the pace and get your heart pounding by adding some aerobatic maneuvers to your gliding experience. You can choose how much of a thrill you are capable of handling by picking a few tricks or go all out on total adrenalin rush by experiencing all aerobatic tricks there are in the book.
  3. Soar up to 5,000 feet using the wind’s thermal power. How often do will you have a chance to soar up to high altitudes without a fuel-burning engine, or being towed by an aircraft? Not a usual opportunity. Gliding is equally intriguing as it is thrilling because we are so used to flying with the help of powerful turbo engines found in regular aircraft. Gliding makes use of thermal which is made up of air columns that are heated by the sun thus causing a lift. Get to know how these wonderful machines work by experiencing them.
  4. It’s the cheapest way to get a pilot’s license that you have been dreaming of. You will need to get a license if you want to learn how to fly a glider, and it is the easiest cheapest way to do so. As you progress, you have the option to add on to your gliding experience and eliminate flying restrictions as you go along.
  5. You get a spectacle of vistas that you can feast your eyes on. There is no better way to see the world than during a gliding experience. Marvel at virgin islands, sprawling outlands, and majestic bodies of water. Down below is not the only optical feast you will have available. The horizon is just amazing from a high altitude, if you get lucky you may even have a flock of birds on the same thermal you are on.
  6. It’s something that you will never get to do every day, yet have memories that last a lifetime. Face it, you never even gave a thought to glider flights as your first pick in your search for a new adventure. You may have heard about the activity from a friend, a movie, a sports channel, or in print. And you may have taken a fancy at it because it is something that you do not commonly hear from your friends as their weekend adventure. Glider flights may not be as popular as parasailing or hang gliding, none the less the memories and achievements brought about are ones that last forever.
  7. It is a personal achievement that not everyone has. Be one of the select few that have taken an interest in the sport. It takes genuine curiosity and enthusiasm to personally enjoy glider flights.
  8. It’s a great way to overcome flying fears. This is the sport that can help you trounce on your fear of heights or flying for that matter. For some, loud sounds do not help induce calmness, and reasonable sound thinking, which results in panic. This is not a scenario that you would want to conquer your fears in right? The serene and calming environment of glider flights is just what an anxious acrophobic needs to get a step closer to conquering the fear.

Come to think of it, you can find serenity, a relaxing environment, and tranquility in a lot of places that will not require you to be thousands of feet in the air. But maybe, just maybe you want to be one of the few that discovered the true essence of quietude in one of the most amazing sports on wings.

Why Glider Flights Are Fun

Why Glider Flights Are Fun

Dreams of flight have always been part of man’s existence; the feeling of being airborne even for just a few seconds is appealing. There are so many ways to take these dreams to flight and one of the best if not the most interesting ways to enjoy flying is through glider flights.

Glider flights can be fun for everyone. It is an exhilarating adventure as well as a great learning experience. The act of utilizing the atmosphere’s thermal wind together with superb engineering amazes everyone. That is why this sport attracts young and old, professional and amateur pilots alike. What makes glider flights a fun venture for everyone? Here are some reasons.

It does not require intense physical capabilities, it’s a mental activity more than anything else. Flying skills and ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) is a mental method utilized by pilots to determine an appropriate course of action in given circumstances, this will be taught to you during your gliding course.

There is always something for everyone in a glider flight. For that natural, tranquil activity lover, this sport is for you! The soaring experience exudes unparalleled serenity as the sound of the aircraft wheezing through the wind is the audio backdrop of your relaxing sightseeing. The vista is just second to none. A panoramic view of a broad horizon, the ever-changing blue hues of the seas, relaxing greens of the mountainside, and the bustling town that seems to fit in the palm of your hand. You may even have some company outside of your cockpit as birds join you on your soaring adventure. The view at 3,000 feet is breathtaking.

For that great adventurer, the adrenalin junkie, aerobatics on glider flights can provide you with a buzz to last until you find your way back to the hanger to have another dose of thrills!

For that explorer who seeks a discovery, this sport is brimming with it! Have fun soaring as you find out the how’s and the why’s of glider flights. The principles on how soaring at high altitudes are possible without burning fuel.

Glider flights are more than just flying and soaring. It can be a lot of different things to many people. An endeavor, a curiosity given answers to, an item on a bucket list, a personal achievement, a tool to conquer a lingering fear and the list goes on and on. But one thing surely describes this sport. Truly Amazing! We also work closely with Melbourne flight training

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How To Make Your Hang Gliding Experience Safe

How To Make Your Hang Gliding Experience Safe

A hang glider is essentially a big kite, yet it is much safer than you can imagine. You must remember though that the activity requires your cooperation and help not only while gliding but also when it comes to safety procedures and protocol. Here are 5 ways to do that.

  1. It is an outdoor sport and nature can be most unpredictable. Take the initiative to do your weather check. You can utilize the web and search for weather forecasts on weather sites that provide information for aviation. You can also make use of the radio, TV, and other forms of media. Finally, try consulting your hang gliding provider about suitable conditions that will allow you to fly.
  2. Do not attempt any outrageous or death-defying hang gliding stunts unless you have been trained and certified to do so. This also includes flying over-controlled air space, or tandem hangs gliding. The sport on its own is a total thrill, there’s more than what you would probably be able to handle so there is no need to come up with a wilder way of doing it. You will never run out of skies. Particularly ones that will let you soar. Check your local hang gliding centers or aviation offices for amazing spots where you can enjoy the activity.
  3. Among all other safety essentials in this adventurous sport, a clear mind that leads to good judgment and attitude is the most important. Taking in alcohol or being under the influence of drugs (prescribed and prohibited alike) can negatively affect your hang gliding. The sport utilizes a part of your physical strength and uses the majority of your mental capacity. Steering the wing may be physical but you need to discern when, and how big of an angle are you required to bank so you can get a thermal wind or decrease altitude.
  4. Know your gear and how to use it. You may be listening when you were in hang gliding class, about the different components of your wing, the navigation, and wind gauge equipment, but there are instances where you could freeze and go blank when you are up in the air soaring at high altitudes. Practice operating your gear while on solid ground and familiarize yourself with it. Before you know it, using the gear will be second nature.
  5. Gather knowledge on the activity before you do it. Decide to do something that you want to do and not something you feel others want you to do. Research, ask for expert opinion and observe, then you decide if you want to experience a hang gliding adventure.

Hang gliding is a sport that has a long and rich history of engineering and safety innovation. Over the years the quest of making the sport safe has been successful with the significant decrease of fatalities and accidents involving it. Enthusiasts have done their share of safely enjoying the activity thus giving others a more positive perspective of hang gliding.